Building The Future Together


Aberdeen Oil has created a business division known as HSEQ Technical Safety which has been formed to cater for the increasing demand in Safety Engineering, HSEQ Management System Development, Emergency Preparedness and Audit and Reviews for the Oil & Gas industry.

Aberdeen Oil strongly believes that it is crucial for the oil and gas operators to ensure that HSEQ Technical Safety aspects are applied smartly throughout the lifecycle of an oil and gas installation (i.e. from a new built to ageing installation).

Aberdeen Oil’s aim in this business area is to be the people’s first choice in providing HSEQ Technical Safety services. We believe that we have the right people and attitude to deliver the services requested without compromising our quality and integrity. We also bring success to our client’s by providing value-adding services and thorough knowledge-sharing. We care about our clients and provide robust assistance in identifying the gaps and successfully completing any size of projects.

Aberdeen Oil recognises that each business need is different and unique therefore we offer specifically tailored service to each client, creating a single solution.