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HSEQ Management SYSTEM

The HSEQ Management System team are specifically set to investigate, identify and reduce any internal gaps within your business. AOC understand that each business is different and therefore we have the skills and expertise accommodate your needs. If your company is looking for someone to support health, safety, environmental and quality activities, Aberdeen Oil will ensure that the relevant legislation is followed and your company operates to the widely recognized standards. We have excellent people that have the experience and knowledge to help your business to operate safely and responsibly.

There is a variety of internationally recognized standards, all of them aiming to raise performance in business and industry. Standards are normally seen as good and common practice for a company to get accreditation with a recognized standard (e.g. ISO). Management System is the essential tool for a company to run the business in a systematic and professional manner ensuring that all documentation is kept up to the recognized standard. Aberdeen Oil can help you to develop management system that is suitable and fit for your business needs. Careful consideration will be given to the size of your organization and the business environment it operates in.

Aberdeen Oil will develop a system that precisely meets your business needs. It is highly recommended not to build a system that is too large and overly complicated and does not provide good value to your business. Where companies that have an existing system in place, and would like to meet international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Aberdeen Oil can undertake a GAP study against the chosen standards to identify the gaps and provide assistance to implement the identified gaps and bring the company inline with the required standards.      

Where companies have more than one system such as Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Environmental Management System, Aberdeen Oil can assist to build an integrated management system that comprise of Quality, Safety and Environmental standards. The integrated management system can be designed to meet the required standards such as ISO 9001, OHSA 18001, ISO 14001 and HSG (65).     If you have an unfortunate incident in your company and would like to take suitable action to prevent it happening again, the best practice is to investigate the root cause of the incident. Aberdeen Oil  can provide the independent team to conduct the incident investigation by using a recognized tool that is normally used by the HSE Inspectors in UK to identify the causal factor.