Aberdeen Oil has established good relationship with leading survey and fabrication companies. We have recently negotiated extremely competitive manpower and equipment rental rates with a leading survey company in Aberdeen.

We fully appreciate the logistical challenges in getting personnel offshore for normal day-to-day operation of your assets.  Providing additional flights and beds for personnel to carry out surveys offshore, whilst necessary, is a problem most operators could do without. Our intention is to promote a one-off survey of an asset to a level of accuracy which will negate the need for the numerous surveys which are common place in the industry today. Aberdeen Oil is working closely with the survey team will utilise the information obtained from the initial survey and model to complete detailed engineering onshore,  providing a level of accuracy and assurance that the pipework and equipment will ‘fit first time’. 

If areas of uncertainty still exist, our aim would be to work closely with the incumbent offshore construction team in order to complete the task, without the need for additional time offshore. We are confident of achieving high level of accuracy (+90%), hence, Aberdeen Oil are prepared to provide fixed price/lump sum quotations for our engineering work. We are also in negotiations with a number of fabrication companies in the Aberdeen area with a view to providing the same fixed price capability, not just for the engineering aspect of the project, but extend this to material procurement and fabrication alike.  With this our clients know exactly what the total costs  will be, with the ability to release  ‘growth’ and ‘contingency’ typically retained to fund overspends to reimbursable contracts, thus providing greater value for your annual budgets.

Having an accurate model of the asset can provide many additional benefits including:

•  Survey – Substantial reduction in need for mobilisation to asset particularly for a simple repair order.

•  P&ID Updates - As-building of asset P&ID’s is an industry wide requirement to ensure that assets are being operated to the latest processes and procedures.  In the past ‘teams’ of designers have been mobilised offshore to carry out an as-building exercise.  Aberdeen Oil  utilise the model to complete this as an onshore table top exercise.

•  Construction Aid – 3D animations can be produced to show each step of the construction phase to a level of detail, that accurate jobcards, plans etc can be generated (can also be a useful tool when carrying out Hazid’s/design reviews/Human Factors review etc). This is especially critical to shutdown’s (TAR) when every manhour needs to be calculated, such that accurate timescales can be achieved.

•  Operator training – With the updated laser scan in place, operators could be trained onshore long before construction is completed, thus aiding a seamless transition of hand-over from construction to operations. Web based viewing tool that can be accessed by Aberdeen Oil and Client remotely which will allow to walk through the scanned asset effectively.

Our existing team has extensive experience in this field, and can work with your existing specifications, processes and procedures.  We can also generate new or update out of date specifications/data sheets etc as required. We also deal with independent verifications bodies i.e. DNV, Lloyds etc on a daily basis for specification, design, risk and workpack reviews. Aberdeen Oil  would like to know more about your business and how we can best work with you for the provision of innovative, quick turnaround, cost effect solutions the benefits of which will be abundantly clear and more to the point sustainable.

We are a local company who are never more than a phone call away.  We firmly believe that by adopting a ‘streamlined’ approach and seeking out the innovative solution, as opposed to the more traditional approach of ‘more work – more people’ Aberdeen Oil can provide far more value and a far greater service to their client. If you require any further information on our company or would like to meet with one of our representatives, please do not hesitate to cal. Looking forward very much to working with you and providing you with and outstanding service in the future. 


Aberdeen Oil Engineering services primarily focused on successful delivery of like-for-like replacement/ modification, Repair Orders, CDR’s, TMR,s etc. Although we predominantly focused on like-for-like replacement /modification, we are also have the capability to carry out a wide range of multi-discipline brownfield projects from Concept, FEED, Detailed Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction, Hook-Up and Commissioning. Whilst CAPEX projects will undoubtedly add value to the asset, a simple ‘holed’ pipe has potential to be far more costly than a planned work scope as a result of spurious shutdowns

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