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Our Safety Engineering team are prepared to provide assistance on multiple subject areas dealing with on and offshore installations. The tailored designs are aimed identifying hazards and reducing risks through specific studies, analyses and controls.

You may have activities, tasks or projects that need to be risk assessed. If you do, it is absolutely essential that a systematic approach is used to identify hazards, effects and consequences associated with planned activities.  Normally, the methods will depend on the level of complexity and potential risk exposure associated with the chosen tasks, activities or projects. 

It should be noted that the primary method for managing risks, is by prevention, but only where this cannot be achieved, the possible outcome should be made less severe by applying suitable and practicable mitigating measures. At its simplest, the risk assessment may comprise a visual inspection by staff with knowledge of the workplace and the activities under consideration, this type of process would be appropriate for an office or warehouse environment.

For more complex situations, such as a drilling rig or production operations, a workshop approach is more appropriate.  Workshop attendees must comprise of subject matter experts of the activities being assessed and shall be led by a person experienced in the use of the chosen technique. It is vital that the full process of identification of hazards & consequences and the evaluation of risk is thoroughly documented so that the results can be seen to be transparent. This will allow the risk assessment to be periodically reviewed to ensure they remain valid. Aberdeen Oil can provide a suitable technique to undertake the risk assessment based on your complexity of your projects, activities or task.

If you are looking for independent facilitator / chairman to lead a safety meeting or HAZOP, HAZID, SIL/LOPA, What-If workshop, Aberdeen Oil can provide a qualified and experienced facilitator. We believe that independent facilitator can help to prevent any bias opinion among the members of a team. It is absolutely essential to have a systematic method for chairing a workshop and capturing the outcome of the workshop / meeting. Aberdeen Oil consultants have chaired various risk assessment workshop with international companies.