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Audits & Reviews

Audit is a key element of a company and should be encompassed in the Company's Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Policy. Audits are essential to ensure effective functioning and continued suitability of a company management system. We can undertake the audit on behalf of your company to provide an independent view and to ensure that the management system is operable as intended.

Aberdeen Oil offers audits that are conducted as a part of due diligence or acquisition of an asset. In UK, the Safety Case Regulations require an independent audit of arrangements made for managing safety on Offshore Installations. Aberdeen Oil can undertake independent audit to ensure that the management system is being operated as intended.  In addition, readiness review is essential to provide degree of confidence for safe and effective start-up of your production operations. It is absolutely vital that you ensure all the critical elements are developed and in place prior to operation.

Readiness assessment can be set out to investigate how issues are considered, documented, communicated and managed within the construction and Hook-up and Commissioning process in order to allow adequate and effective knowledge transfer and information to be brought into the operations phase. Other crucial factor for safe and effective operation is that the plant is operated within the intended envelope and parameters as these changes over time. This is particularly important during start-up as experience is gained in the establishing safe plant operational characteristic.

This calls for operational staff to have ready access to and good understanding of, the current suitability, limitations and capabilities of the equipment. The readiness review can also cover to establish to what extent both organisational and engineering change management are considered. It also examines if change management involves ongoing loss control considerations of the complete “life” of modifications and operational changes. The organisation should be able demonstrate a defined, operating and traceable system of prioritising and addressing required controls identified by a Hazard identification and risk assessment process.